Effective Marketing Strategies for Healthcare

Getting your message across to your targeted audience is the first step to a flourishing medical and healthcare practice. But to do this, word-of-mouth marketing isn’t the best way to do it. Though it may be effective to some extent, medical and healthcare professionals should not rely on word-of-mouth alone. Engage in active marketing, not merely passive one.

In a very competitive industry, physicians need to do more than just rely on the spread of word. The medical and healthcare profession is a very fast-paced environment. Doctors cannot afford to just wait for people to come into their offices. This is all the more aggravated by the harsh economic conditions today, forcing people to just neglect their scheduled doctor’s visits for fear of high medical costs.

Accordingly, medical and healthcare professionals should take an active stance and engage in marketing and advertising their practice.

One of the effective ways of spreading the word about these professionals’ medical and healthcare practice is through online marketing and advertising. Let’s face it. Everyone is on the Internet nowadays. From school children to baby boomers, virtually everybody surfs the Web or owned at least one Facebook or Twitter account.

The Internet has made the world a lot smaller. So why not exploit this advantage and convert this wonderful opportunity as a marketing tool to make your medical and healthcare practice known not only in your community about around the globe?

If you’re up to it, create your website. Hire web designers, programmers, developers and content writers to help you craft a catchy and attractive yet highly informative website where you can tell the world about you, your medical brand and the healthcare services that you offer.


Physician Marketing Ideas

In a fast-paced and highly competitive medical and healthcare industry, doctors can no longer afford to simply wait for patients to come in their clinics. To thrive in the business, they need a steady stream of people walking in their door.

Word-of-mouth advertisements are no longer enough to sustain and survive in this changing industry. Admittedly, there is a high increase in the level of competition within the medical and healthcare landscape. For this reason, physicians would have to find ways on how to market and make their professional services known in the public to survive and flourish in this fast-changing environment.

One of the innovative ways on how to market one’s medical and healthcare practice is to do it over the Internet. Virtually everyone is on the Web, and what better way to market your profession than to do it online.

For doctors and physicians, creating your own website is a valuable marketing tool. It makes it easy for people to find you. Develop your own web page where you can put useful content relating to healthy living and other medical tidbits as well as information about your services and medical philosophy.

Newsletters are also good marketing and communication tools. Seek help from writers and graphic designer to help you provide attractive yet informative newsletter.

Don’t forget to participate in community and charity events as well. Appearing in local sports activities, golf tourneys and medical missions in the neighborhood is a good way of making yourself known in your area. In addition, engaging in charity work is also a good way of giving back to the community. It’s a good way to create a good impression without coming off as very aggressive in marketing and making your medical practice known.

Successful Health Care Marketing Tips

The need for healthcare is a continuing demand. It’s not just the working class people that need medical and healthcare but also the senior citizens as well. Indeed a lot of people are not feeling well, hurting or in pain.

While the demand for medical care is high, the supply of healthcare providers is high as well. Naturally this results in a competition among doctors, physicians and other medical professionals. But with a great marketing strategy, you can set your products and services apart from the rest. Here are some ways to get your message across.

The key to a successful healthcare marketing is to get the targeted individual’s attention. You don’t have to march in a parade or streak in public just to get their attention. All it takes is simply to get their interest. One way of doing it is to engage in Web marketing, particularly using the social media platforms. Websites like Facebook and Twitters allows interaction and contact with different individuals. Web marketing allows a wider coverage and exposure compared to the other media of marketing and advertising like TV, radio or print.

Medical professionals are advised to invest in Web marketing to promote and make their services known. Creating a strong Web presence is vital to a good marketing strategy. After all, virtually everybody is on the Internet.

In addition to Web marketing, doctors and physicians can also garner attention by participating in local fairs and community activities. Charitable activities that provide medical care are good platforms for exposure in the community. One could also sponsor local sports teams, join seminars or accept speaking engagements for added exposure.

But the best marketing and advertising method is having a good name and reputation. If you are known in your community and among your peers as a notable and respected medical profession, people will come your way.

Healthcare Marketing Ethics

Like most learned professions, medical and healthcare professionals are governed by a certain code of conduct. Ethical rules are founded on these doctors’ responsibilities toward the public. One of the limitations set by their code of ethics includes the rules governing marketing and promoting one’s medical or healthcare practice.

The welfare of the patient is at the forefront when it comes to medical and healthcare marketing ethics. Primarily, doctors and physicians have the moral obligation to offer proper advice and treatment, which is in the paramount interest of the patient. In case of conflict of activities, it is the patient’s welfare that must come ahead.

Public accountability also comes into play when it comes to medical and healthcare responsibility. Having assumed a greater duty of providing proper medical treatment, doctors and physicians have the obligation to provide complete transparency in their dealings so that the people can assess their fairness and honesty in their marketing strategies. After all, they are beholden to the trust and owe the public candor, fairness, fidelity and good faith in their professional conduct.

Advertising is a means to entice prospective patients. Accordingly, medical and healthcare professionals must be mindful of the trust reposed in them by the public. These practitioners should not resort to false advertising, amounting to false hopes or even breach of their warranties or promises. Once again, it is the patient’s welfare that should come first. Accordingly, any representation or advertisement should be accurate.

The practice of the medical profession is not similar to the conduct of trade or business where profits are the moving force. On the contrary, the medical profession is leaned toward public service and a means to help other people in need of medical attention. Accordingly, doctors and physicians should not recommend treatment when it is not necessary just to earn more profits. Prescribing unnecessary treatment for the sake of gain is highly violative of the code of ethics in the medical profession.

How to Market a Medical Service

Marketing is an essential aspect in every trade, business or practice of a profession. In essence, marketing is all about understanding what your target customer needs or wants and providing it to the latter accordingly. To build a strong relationship with the customer, you need to find ways to improve your contact with him. Thus, if you intend to make your targeted prospect become your customer, you need to market and promote your products and services to him.

In the medical and healthcare profession, marketing and promoting one’s practice is not entirely prohibited. Accordingly, doctors and physicians are allowed to formulate a tasteful marketing strategy in accordance with the ethical standards of their profession.

The biggest trend nowadays is Web marketing. Virtually everyone is promoting their products and services over the Internet. Thus, for doctors and physicians, implementing a good Web marketing strategy is vital to expanding one’s medical and healthcare practice.

For starters, you need to create and establish your Web presence by designing and developing your website that offers information about your medical brand, the services offered, address and other contact information. Accordingly, you need to invest in website development and design. In addition, hire someone to optimize your website as well to garner more traffic and visits to your web pages.

Sign up in social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to promote interaction with clients. This way, you’ll get to read comments and posts from your clients and prospects. In the same way, you get to answer their queries, post insights and provide information about certain topics.

Medical and healthcare professionals might want to invest in marketing and management firms to help them promote and market their practice. These companies can help formulate and implement new strategies aimed at garnering positive responses from the targeted clients.

Medical Marketing Techniques

Regardless of any business, trade, occupation or practice of a profession, marketing is important. While certain restrictions and ethical limitation abound the medical and healthcare practice, marketing, promoting and advertising one’s profession is not entirely prohibited. After all, medical and healthcare practitioners are given a certain latitude and freedom to make their medical name, brand and service known to the public. Similarly, they are not prohibited from employing means to promote and enhance their reputation through public relations as long as it is within the limitations set by the ethical standards of their profession.

Admittedly, marketing and management techniques for medical and healthcare professionals differ slightly from the marketing techniques usually employed by most people in the conduct of trade, business or occupation. Nevertheless, there are certain similarities in both their strategies. Here are some of the common marketing ways and means, which may be employed by both medical professionals and ordinary businessmen.

In this digital age, using the computer to market and advertise one’s business or profession is very common. If you haven’t joined the Internet bandwagon yet, you are at a very big loss, marketing-wise. Accordingly, every medical professional must have his/her own website with which they can promote and market their medical services. If you’re a medical practitioner, invest in designing, developing and optimizing your website to create and establish a strong Internet presence.

Indicate in your website the name of your medical practice, the services you are offering, your address and contact numbers and other information. It’s also a good idea to offer free medical information in video or blog form.

You also need to create a referral program. Try something like a “50% off for patients who referred their friends and family.” Discounts, rebates and other price-offs are good enticements for patients who referred and recommended you to people they know.

Participate in free medical services in your area. It will create a good image and exposure for your medical practice. You’ll be able to meet and reach out to the people in your community. It’s a good PR strategy if you think about it. And you’re helping people in the process too. Doesn’t that make you feel good about yourself?

How to Grow a Medical Practice

The practice of a medical profession is similar to the conduct of trade, business or occupation. Although medical professionals are not supposed to advertise their practice in the same way as merchants promote and advertise wares and merchandise, they are allowed a certain leeway; enough to make their medical name, brand and services known to the public.

Medical patients are essentially “customers and consumers” for medical and healthcare practitioners. Accordingly, these practitioners are allowed to find ways and formulate means, within the ethical and professional bounds, to allow these patients to find them and avail of their medical services. Thus, medical and healthcare practitioners are not precluded from employing marketing and promotional techniques to expand their patient base and increase their referral network within the medical industry.

One of the most effective ways of expanding one’s medical practice is to increase and expand one’s referral network. Accordingly, medical and healthcare professionals should associate themselves. This way, other physicians will forward patient referrals to one another. For instance, a family physician may refer a patient to an eye specialist for proper treatment.

Medical and healthcare practitioners are also encouraged to enlist their services with various insurance providers. Patients nowadays rarely visit doctors whose services are not covered by their insurance plan. By submitting one’s name in many insurance companies, medical and healthcare professionals gain substantial exposure, resulting in an expanded patient base and referral system.

Since the medical profession is mainly about helping people, one should charge reasonable fees for services rendered. Although it is true that insurance covers almost everything, some insurance companies do not shoulder all costs. As a result, the patient may have to incur some of the expenses. With fees reasonably charged, current patients are enticed to stay with you; new and prospective patients, on the other hand, are lured at the prospect to affordable medical services.

Lastly, treat all patients with the same standard of care, kindness and respect, whether it’s a paying patient or not and regardless of how silly or absurd their queries and concerns are.

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